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  • KekMama Liefdesboek

    Shaving becomes nice!!

    GLADDERR razors are amazing. They shave every single hair and you can personalise them. Mix and match!
    Available from € 59, GLADDERR.NL

  • Privé: smoothie

    Real bathroom jewels, that's what they are. The GLADDERR ultra smooth shaving razors. You have never had such a soft skin as with GLADDERR. Try and you won't shave otherwise any more. We give away 3 x Foaming Shaving Oil and 1x de luxury set '3 Line Jewel with White Pearl and Turquoise Stone (value € 233).

    Open this link to participate:
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  • Zuidas Magazine: Smooth


    GLADDERR ('verry smooth') is a luxury shaving concept for men and women. Discover or define your own style. GLADDERR's customizable razors are Dutch design and offera sense of luxury, quality and functionality at the highest level. Change your shaving experience from mundane to unique!

    Available at Gentlemen's Place, Arnold Schönberglaan 7, Amsterdam. Continue reading

  • Nouveau: get the nicest shaved legs


    Always wet the skin before shaving and use a mousse or oil. The chance for irritations diminished and the skin stays smoother.

    The Dutch brand GLADDERR has shaving products for men and women that you can personalize (cosmetics as of € 19.95). Continue reading

  • GLADDERR at the X Bank in Amsterdam on Sunday July 30,2017

    On Sunday July 30, 2017 GLADDERR is presenting its exclusive razors at the Grand Opening of the official XXX PRIDE Arts & Culture exhibition at the XBANK AMSTERDAM. GLADDERR will be presenting a line of Special Razor editions with its G Colors - Rainbow Beads. These Beads show the official Rainbow colors and can be personalized with other GLADDERR Beads.  Love yourself, be yourself, spoil yourself! SHOP NOW at the XBANK, Spuistraat 172 Amsterdam (in the W Hotel) or at

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  • Woman Glossy: the newest shaving products

    Do you want to make sure that no one uses your shaving handle? The GLADDERR one is personalisable and you can put the shaving handle in a bathroom or wall stand. We chose this one: I love you with a kiss... GLADDERR Exclusive Smoothing available for € 151.
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  • Tulp: your personal shaving handle

    Your personal shaving handle

    A design shaving handle that you can personalise with bling (real!), The shaving handle is made of stainless steel and you can buy all sorts of elements. Ready, but you can also design your own. This golden? As from € 130,- Continue reading

  • 3rd Price at the prestigious Beauty Astir Awards 2017

    The members of the Beauty Press have chosen GLADDERR to become 3rd at the prestigious Astir Awards 2017 out of 200 entries in 16 categories.  The jury said this about the shaving handles:

    ♥beautiful, that's what they are

    ♥shaving becomes a luxirious spoil moment with the shaving handles and cosmetics of GLADDERR, and that is a quite a merit!

    Go to the website here

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  • The Perfect Wedding: the perfect gift for the groom

    Do you want to surprise your beloved one with a beautiful gift for before or after the wedding, and not give a watch or cufflinks? Then think about a luxurious shaving handle from GLADDERR. Does your fiancé like a smooth look? Maybe this is on his wishlist. The shaving handles are not only great, you can also personalise one to your own liking with the interchangeable tubes. You can even get them ingraved with a nice text or the wedding date.

    Go to the website here Continue reading

  • Beau Monde: shaving in DIVA style

    MUSTHAVE! We can't make it nicer, but definitely more beautiful. GLADDERR makes us really happy with their shaving handles that you can personalise to your own liking. Of course, we go for 'over the top' with this handle with 12 Zirkonia Tubes.  Continue reading

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