Our Shaving Handles and Tubes are all handmade and assembled manually with the greatest care. However, it can occur that something goes wrong.

Stainless Steel elements: We provide lifetime guarantee on all our Stainless Steel products, if the products are used in a normal manner. This includes all our stainless steel Tubes, without or with finishing such as stone, pearl or enamel.

Sparkling Zirconia Tubes: The small Zirconia stones are placed in a brass base by hand and fixed in a white gold plated grid. This is a very precise and meticulous handling. Similar as with fine jewellery it are delicate products and it is possible that a stone falls out. Your handle will react differently based on frequency of wear and how you take care of it. On the Zirconia Tubes a one year guarantee is provided. If a stone should fall out within the year, a new Tube will be sent to you for free.

Complaint handling: To report your complaint please send an email to info@gladderr.com. For damaged Sparkling Zirconia Tubes we request you to include a picture showing the problem. We will solve the problem as soon as possible. The invoice with credit card or bank statement (cash voucher) will be used as proof of the purchase.

If the product is no longer available it will be repaired (if possible) or replaced with another product of the same price range.

Scratches and other damages because of normal wear and tear, are not covered by our warranty.

Additional Note: Our Tubes have a mark on the site indicating the bottom side of the Tube. The Tubes should be placed on the Bone with that mark on the bottom side. Please also note that the bolt that fixes the Tubes should be fastened tightly, so the Tubes stay in place firmly.