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  • A present for your future spouse

    Personalized razors

    We admit, this is perhaps not the first present you would think of, but both bride and groom use a razor. If you want to get rid of those disposable razors and want to upgrade your bathroom with a stylish razor, then this is the ideal present! GLADDERR is a relatively new, Dutch brand. They make luxurious razors that you can personalize by choosing  several beads or they can even be engraved with a personal message (you just send them a message).  Continue reading

  • Gooisch: Rainbow shaving handle

    Shaving becomes a party now, also for women. This luxurious design shaving handle is not only an eye catcher, it sits comfortably in the hand too. After usage you can put it on the bathroom stand or hang in on the wall stand. This GLADDERR rainbow shaving handle is available from     € 150 (depending on which Tubes are used).
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  • LXRY Magazine: Design shaving handle for in your bathroom - The true definition of smooth

    Do you have that unique roll top bath or that black rain shower with massage options? Then a nice shaving handle cannot lag behind. With this shaving handle the only thing you want to do is showing off. These shaving handles for her (and him) are from GLADDERR. Real eye catchers that work perfect, sit comfortably in the hand but moreover: they should be seen! With the GLADDERR shaving handle, suddenly shaving becomes very nice.

    The unique shaving handles are real musthaves because of the design. Your bathroom gets an instant upgrading with this accessory. You can also personalize the handles because you can mix and match the interchangeable tubes. The revolutionary Foaming Shaving Oil makes it possible  that the oil remains on your skin longer, allowing longer and more comfortable shaving.

    Get acquainted with GLADDERR during the Masters of LXRY 2016, from December 9 – 12 in Amsterdam Rai.
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  • Publication in Prêt à Pregnant


    Do you also love that feeling of a smooth velvet soft skin after you shaving? We discovered a new brand that intensifies that ultimate feeling with a very luxury shaving tool! To be honest….most shavers are throw away´s, often pinkish coloured plastic tools than you want to hide in one of your drawers! But now there is GLADDERR, and trust us their luxury products will look fabulous in your designer bathroom!

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