LXRY Magazine: Design shaving handle for in your bathroom - The true definition of smooth

Do you have that unique roll top bath or that black rain shower with massage options? Then a nice shaving handle cannot lag behind. With this shaving handle the only thing you want to do is showing off. These shaving handles for her (and him) are from GLADDERR. Real eye catchers that work perfect, sit comfortably in the hand but moreover: they should be seen! With the GLADDERR shaving handle, suddenly shaving becomes very nice.

The unique shaving handles are real musthaves because of the design. Your bathroom gets an instant upgrading with this accessory. You can also personalize the handles because you can mix and match the interchangeable tubes. The revolutionary Foaming Shaving Oil makes it possible  that the oil remains on your skin longer, allowing longer and more comfortable shaving.

Get acquainted with GLADDERR during the Masters of LXRY 2016, from December 9 – 12 in Amsterdam Rai.